Hi, I’m Delphine.

I’m a Change Expert, helping you unleash Growth, Potential and Happiness.

Whether you’re running a business, leading a team, or looking for what’s next, there are times when change is necessary: to get your business back to growth, your team to the next level, or you to a happier place.

I believe that change is the underlying force that unleashes growth, potential, and happiness.

As a Change Expert, my intention is to help you on your journey so that you can get the very best out of critical milestones.

 My commitment is to help you:

Delphine has a true ability to ability to listen & understand without judging. While you feel like simply discussing with Delphine, she is in fact leveraging her knowledge & tangible methods to help you grow. Beyond the coaching itself, I also appreciated a lot the set of tangible tools she has, operational & useful to overcome recurrent stressful situations for instance.

Delphine has coached me for 4 months, at first 2h twice a week, then 1h/ week. My objective was to clarify my next professional step digging into my values, soft and professional skills which onboarding my own constraints. She has been a great, precious partner as she delivered on the objective, being instrumental to the move I made on my own journey. Simple thoughts became evidence, my next step became clear. She did not bring me those answers, she made me find them.

Positive, always constructive, passionate and with a radiant personality, it was a chance to embark with Delphine.

Emilie G.

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