Hi, I’m Delphine.

And I help leaders on their path to growth.

Leading a business can be a fulfilling journey like none other: It’s the excitement of your first sale, or growing your numbers year after year. It’s the pride of building teams, serving happy customers, and eventually seeing your impact come to life. It’s knowing your contributions are making the world a better place.

Yes, leading a business can be thrilling, but it also comes with challenges: Big picture thinking gives way to the daily grind. Or knowing that the business has the potential for growth, but no time to learn and build a clear path to growth. Then there’s the anxiety of not living up to expectations – the fear of failure – that often accompanies big decisions

In the midst of these challenges, my role is to help and advise you on your path to growth, and be your right-arm coach.

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Some of the things that we can work together on are:

Clarify and define your vision and strategy for growth

  • Strategic assessment of where your business currently stands – e.g. sales & marketing, operations, organization & culture, competitive landscape, macro trends, shareholders and stakeholders situation
  • Identification of areas for potential growth, leveraging current business footprint and external opportunities.
  • Assessment of structural, team and organizational changes needed to support the growth plan

Build a plan to get your business where you want it to be

  • Strategic assessment of where your business currently stands – e.g. sales & marketing, operations, organization & culture, competitive landscape, macro trends, shareholders and stakeholders situation
  • Structured in-market offer(s) to deliver on your vision (Value proposition, price & packages and business model)
  • Development of detailed path for market launch(es) – including organization, team and culture implications

Unlock resistances that you may face internally or externally

  • Strategic assessment of where your business currently stands – e.g. sales & marketing, operations, organization & culture, competitive landscape, macro trends, shareholders and stakeholders situation
  • Identification of main points of resistance to business growth, across the value chain, internally and externally
  • Development of strategic path to address resistances to growth

And as we work together, you will also

  • Gain the confidence that you’re doing the right thing
  • Access the continuous support you need throughout the journey
  • And, as a side effect, have more time to spend with those who really matter to you!

In summary, together we’ll bring your vision to life, and unlock your, your team’s, and your business’s full potential.

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My programs range from 3 to 8 months, and will be personalized to your needs. During our first meeting we’ll discuss your goals, need and expectations out of this program. From there, we will tailor a program built specifically to your business and needs. Each program starts with a strategic assessment of where your business currently stands, including sales & marketing, operations, organization & culture, competitive landscape, macro trends, shareholders and stakeholders situation. And throughout the journey, I will support and guide you closely on the strategy and roadmap that your business needs, but I’ll also be a sounding board for big decisions, and advise on team, shareholder and stakeholder management. Last, I will run an assessment of where your leadership team currently stands and attend your leadership team meetings upon request.

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Why me?

First, I’ve been myself in leadership roles for over a decade! As an Executive Coach, I have supported business leaders and CEO’s just like you, leveraging my extensive business & leadership knowledge and coaching skills. I also leverage the very latest cognitive science on brain and human behavior, in order to unlock any personal or team barriers that’s preventing your business to grow as much as it should.

Last, being your right-arm coach, I’ll provide a unique and close support to help you be successful.

Does that resonate with you? Book a free call to discover more about how we can work together.

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Corinne E., CEO

“I had the pleasure to work with Delphine on a strategic and transformational project for our organization. Delphine is clearly an asset for a company, she has the perfect combination of business drive, strategic thinking with a very positive and motivating attitude. She is highly trustable, connect the dots very fast and was a clear added value for me.  I was able to talk to her on any kind of topics related to the organization, strategy, feelings, ideas and she was always a great help.  She was positioning herself as an advisor, coach, sounding board but as doer as well. She has a good balance, she can listen very well, coach but as well challenge when necessary. She is really multitasking, even able to do great presentations for top management with solid rational and storytelling. She was highly regarded and appreciated in the organization. It is very rare to find such a rounded profile”

Madelynn A., Finance Leader

“ What I would tell Delphine’s future clients is: 1) Congratulations for hiring her because you will never meet another person like Delphine, and 2) Get ready! Because she’s going to push and challenge you, but she will always be there for you, and honest with you.
She’s a wonderful person to have in your corner.
Personally, she has helped me gain so much insight in what it is that I care about and what makes me tick. Understanding that about yourself, and then translating it into what it means for the people that report to you or to those that you influence, makes you become such a better leader. It’s something I can’t thank her enough for.”

Erayna S., CEO, Founder & Entrepreneur

Delphine is amazing! Her ability to help me sort through my “brain dumps” and focus on what matters is invaluable. I always feel more focused and confident after my sessions with her.

Anouk C., Life & Transition coach

“My experience with Delphine was incredible. I left our sessions uplifted and with deeper sens of clarity around my skills and my professional life.
Once in particular, I came to the session feeling a little lost and with a blurry vision. I had difficulty making links between all my initiatives. To be honest, I thought she’ll never be able to help me out… I thought I was going to leave saying “thank you” but deep down not being 100% happy about it..
WELL, I was astonished by Delphine’s coaching skills.
She asked me the very powerful questions that unlocked so much of my inner wisdom. I couldn’t have done it myself. Delphine is genuine, authentic and super clever on business.
She helped me understand more what I do, how I do it so I can be clear on my offering. I’m looking forward to my next session, it’s so valuable to me as I create my website.
I’m coming out of this session wanting more !
If you’re feeling stuck on your professional or personal life, lack clarity, she will definitely help you out.”

Valentin C., International Store Designer

“The work accomplished with Delphine was professionally very beneficial to me.
10 sessions were enough to readjust my behavior, my speech and my actions within the company, with my colleagues and with my teams.
A repositioning which now allows me to approach my work days with confidence, assurance and positivity.
Delphine is carthesian and pragmatic, and is the perfect coach to support the business sector.”

Emilie G., Marketing Leader

“Delphine has a true ability to ability to listen & understand without judging. While you feel like simply discussing with Delphine, she is in fact leveraging her knowledge & tangible methods to help you grow. Beyond the coaching itself, I also appreciated a lot the set of tangible tools she has, operational & useful to overcome recurrent stressful situations for instance.

Positive, always constructive, passionate and with a radiant personality, it was a chance to embark with Delphine.”