Who am I?

I’m Delphine, I’m French, I have three wonderful sisters, six nieces and nephews, and a (very) grumpy cat!

Throughout my life I’ve been exposed to many cultures, living in France, Germany, Switzerland, and the USA, and working with companies in 15+ countries across four continents.

I’ve also worked across different industries, from Consumer Packaged Goods, Watchmaking, and Equestrianism to Business Coaching, as well as across various roles: from engineer to marketing to innovation to General Business leader!

More specifically, I spent a decade working at the world’s largest Consumer Packaged Goods company, in Marketing and Business Strategy and Implementation. I worked at both the corporate and market level, and successfully led businesses navigate turnaround situations. I’ve also led major Innovation initiatives to help brands maintain relevance with consumers in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing environment

Before that, I graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, France, where I hold a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and another one in Innovation Management.

Why become a business coach and change expert?

I finally came to the realization, after more than 12 years of corporate career, working as an Innovation & Marketing expert and Executive Business Leader for the biggest Consumer Product Goods Company, that I had ended up feeling disconnected to myself. I wasn’t fulfilled anymore: it was time for a change in my life.

Taking a step back, I also realized that change had been at the core of my life, professionally and personally: I decided to become a coach and change expert, so that I could continue on this change path that I’m so passionate about, while supporting and impacting positively individuals and businesses.

I’m currently completing my Co-Active Coach certification with the prestigious Co-Active Training institute.