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Many a false step was made by standing still.

Corporation friends, Amis entrepreneurs,

Are you facing a challenging business situation, with softening sales and market share decline? Looking for ways to acquire new clients and drive incremental sales? In need of stretching your business into new territories where you don’t have experience?

I hear you – I’ve been there too -, but also know that there’s always a way forward, even when it feels very nebulous (which, let’s be honest, feels most of the time!)

Business growth coaching change entrepreneur business leader

What does working together look like?

Once we’ve articulated (and often times re-framed) what the problem is at hand, we’ll develop the most pragmatic and impactful approach, custom made to your specific needs, and that will help you achieve your goals.

Because we, men and women, are at the center and the unlock to everything, this plan will always be built on the human element: starting with you, as a leader and as a person, but also including the environment you operate in.

Business growth coaching change entrepreneur business leader

This plan will be including one or more of the below:

  • a detailed process and frameworks to use, e.g. that will help expand – and narrow down eventually – the thinking into new territories
  • some specific tasks and go-do recommendations, based on best-in-class business practices, e.g. how to better reach, engage and learn from your core customers
  • identified areas along your business model that need to be revisited or adjusted, e.g. assessing what investment is needed, and how to best manage the spending of it, to align your business needs with your openness to risk and potential losses.

Last, I’ve learned to think disruptively about business problems, and today the plans I work on combining traditional business problem solving approaches, leveraging tools and mindsets like design thinking practices, and non-traditional like Growth Hacking.

Business growth coaching change entrepreneur business leader

Who could benefit from it?

  • Young entrepreneurs, looking to grow their business and get it to the next level;
  • Business managers, experiencing soft sales and looking for a turnaround strategy;
  • Business leaders, looking to enter or create new markets.

Does anything sound familiar to you?

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