Become the leader you want to be

Emotions are what make us human. Managing our emotions is what enables us to lead

Are you looking to become the leader that you’ve always wanted to be – inspiring, delivering results, and within your own style? Looking for ways to get your team to operate at a higher level?

Leadership is a rough journey, and I’ve looked for answers to the above questions for years. Being a leader keeps us on our toes, because in a world where knowledge and expertise are so broad in scope, they can’t be mastered by one single person anymore. There will always be people on your team who know things about your business that you don’t! We never operate on one rock-solid ground of knowledge. Instead, change, navigating ambiguity, and trust are the new leadership norms.

The good news is – there’s no secret magic! Better: even subtle changes will have almost an immediate impact, driving the wheels of the virtuous circle.

What makes a great leader and a strong team?

Being a leader starts with you, and your ability not only to work through technical or business challenges, but also – and more importantly – your ability to manage your emotional response in those situations.

Who hasn’t felt upset by an unexpected delay on a critical project? Who wasn’t frustrated with the lack of options presented to you?

Your emotional response – tone, body language, choice of words – is the first one that your team will “get” from you. Therefore, whether it’s a good or a bad one, it will affect your ability to tap into their motivation, and get them to outperform.

Therefore, self-awareness is the critical first step in becoming a leader, and we activate this self-awareness by being choiceful about our emotional response.

Being a leader also means leading a team, and that means having the right people at the right place. Each and every one of us has some form of talent, and it’s up to us, leaders, to ensure that those talents are well leveraged and developed.

Last, a team creates and operates under its own culture – a fuzzy word for such a critical notion! Creating the right culture is essential to your and your team’s success, and if done and nurtured properly, it can outlive the actual leader who set it up.

Now, here’s how I can help you.

I was able to deliver my biggest business achievements, including turning around businesses of hundreds of millions of dollars, by focusing 80% of my time and energy on my team and my leadership, and learning how to become the best version of the leader I wanted to be. During this time, I developed a deep understanding and practice of managing my emotional response, as well as easy-to-use approaches and tools for the management of my teams, leading to high-performing teams with a strong culture.

As we embark on this journey together,

We will work on one or all 3 aspects – emotional response, team effectiveness and culture – to help you get where you want to be.

Who could benefit from this coaching?

  • First time managers, who will be leading teams of direct and indirect report,
  • Experienced leaders, who want more from themselves and their teams,
  • Global leaders, who are looking to lead effectively across geographies and cultures.

Does anything sound familiar to you?